Complete Darkness Continued (Female version)

You ran in the dark, toward the light but you couldn’t reach it. Black flames licked at your arms and shadowy, cold arms grabbed at your feet. You stumbled and fell to the earth, desperately struggling to escape the arms that held you, and kept you from the light. You pulled and pulled, but you couldn’t break their grasp. They began to drag you back farther into the dark, and down into the black flames.

You bolted up out of bed, your breathing quick and heavy. A sudden jolt of pain shot through your body, which only became more painful as time past. When the pain became too much, you gasp, doing your best to remember to breathe. You coughed and struggled with the air, until finally you got use to the pain and was able to breathe, at least somewhat normally. You blinked away the blurriness of sleep, and took in your surrounding, and you most definitely weren’t at home. You laid in a large canopy bed, your arms, legs and torso wrapped in bandages. You wore a white, knee-length empire-waist dress where the sleeves became see through at the edge of your shoulder. The sleeves only continued about another 3 inches. The bed you had awoken in was in a large stone room, with a huge window that was partially open. The ground, which was polished stone, was simply that, stone. A huge fireplace was at the front of the bed, and a small flames feasted away inside it. Two large wardrobes were in the room as well, one on each side of the bed. A rather intimidating door was on the left of the room. The door a dark wood, with gold inlay, and the door had to be at least twice your height. Carefully, you stood from the bed. You collapsed on the floor, inches from the bed. Your legs couldn’t support your weight, not in the condition they were in. Using the bed you got back up on your feet. You breathing was breaking again, and the pain was ever so quickly growing more and more intense, almost to the point of screaming, but instead you bit your lip, and then using different objects to support yourself as you made your way to the door. Tears formed in your eyes as you continued walking down the halls of what appeared to be a giant mansion. Many times you fell, and the sudden increase in pain was almost too much for your body. Your world would go dark, before coming back, a little more blurry each time. By the time you heard voices things were almost unidentifiable, but you did hear voices. After wandering the halls you came across a large door, voices very evident from inside. You presses your body to the door, and listened carefully, trying to make out all the words.

“She’ll live your highness, but it’ll take a while for her to recover. Her torso was badly injured. There was no broken bones but it was severely bruised. Her arms and legs were covered in cuts, and she had a really high fever. It’s amazing that her face wasn’t even touched.”

“It wasn’t? How is that even possible?”

“Based on all the other injuries, it isn’t, at least it shouldn’t be. It’s truly a miracle. In fact its a miracle she even survived, the doctor also informed me that the young lady hadn’t eaten or slept for at least 2 days.”

“My goodness, what did that poor girl go through?! I must see her. Ask her what happened.”

“Your highness, I do believe you should slow down a bit. She has a lot of recovering to do, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was still asleep. Though I suppose you could check on her.”

“Then I will do that.”

Suddenly the door opened inward and you fell forward, and surprisingly hit something a lot softer than the hard stone floor you thought you would hit.

“well it seems you ARE awake, and it appears listening in to our little conversation. Though I am happy to see you awake, you really shouldn’t be out of bed, miss.”

You looked up trying to determine who was holding you in their arms, but everything wa just a huge blur of colors and even those have faded. Your head spun and your legs, arms and sides throbbed with pain. A couple of tears fell down your face. You were scared, even in the arms of this strong person, you felt vulnerable. You heard the beating of his heart, and the slow and easy raise of his chest from breathing, suddenly you felt safer. You looked up again to the stranger. You still couldn’t see him, but you were able to ignore your pain long enough to ask, “Where am I? Who are you?” As you spoke the last words your legs gave out and your mind gave in as it began to shut down. You were only able to stay conscious enough to hear his answer.

“You, Miss, are in the kingdom just outside Camelot,  The Kingdom of Vatnalilja. And I am the prince, Zale.”



*Vatnalilja means “Water Lily” in Icelandic.

*Zale means “strong sea” or “power of the sea” in Greek.

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