Complete Darkness

Have you ever seen the night sky, covered in gray clouds, not even the moon shone through and no stars graced the sky. Now imagine all that darkness being so thick you could run your fingers through it. It was as cold as ice, even colder, in fact it practically froze your skin. How, you got there in the darkness was a mystery. You had simply woken up in the cave. How did you know it was a cave? The sound of rocks moving with the movement of your feet and the echo of your voices gave away that one aspect of your location. I prayed inside that this was all a dream, that you were actually still sound asleep in your bed at home, but the moisture of the air was real. The pressure on your feet from standing was real. Sadly you were awake, stuck in a cave, having no idea where you were going. You were simply stumbling forward into the unknown. You glided your foot before every step, just to make sure you would be placing your foot on actual solid ground. Your heart pounded inside you like a quick unsteady drum. You tried to steady your breathing, butyour fear was far to strong. Still you walked forward, cautiously of course, hoping that the exit would appear soon. SUDDENLY, the ground gave out beneath you. You heard the world above fly past you as you fell down, down and down. You had no idea which way was up or down. Everything was just a huge black space of nothingness. With great force you finally hit the bottom, your breath stopped in your throat and you struggled to regain air. Your eyes brimmed with tears, until finally they fell down your cheeks. You could feel their warmth as they traveled down and fell of the side of your face and it the ground by your ears. Even after the last tear had fallen you could still feel their warmth in your eyes and on your cheeks. You laid there for what seem liked hours before you could truly breathe again and attempt to stand, but with each movement upward pain shot across your body. So slowly, you worked your way into a sitting position. Your arms ached and burned like they were covered in a thousand cuts. Carefully, you lifted one arm and grabbed the other arm, sure enough a hot, sticky liquid touched your fingers. You pulled your hand away and began your struggle to stand. It was surely another few hours before you were able to stand. Your steps were unsteady, and your breathing quickly became shallow, but you refused to collapse. You shuffled forward, trying to find a wall, but none came. You moved forward in the dark again. Hours and hours you walked. Your legs ached more and more, and your eye lids became heavy, and finally you could go no farther. So of course without any surprise, your legs gave out and you collapsed to the cold, hard ground. Pain shot through your legs on impact, causing you to whimper. You tired to stand again and again, but to no avail. You simply just added more bruises to your already bruised legs. You felt pathetic and hopeless, and you hated it. Tears of frustration formed in your eyes, and began to fall. You wiped at them but they came down anyway, and they came down heavy like rain. You sighed angrily and wiped again at you tears and then pushed off the ground one last time, and finally you stood. You stumbled on, desperation being your motivation to keep going. You felt weak, and even though you already couldn’t see, you knew you were going to lose consciousness soon. You could feel it, rather than see it. You were completely and utterly exhausted. Then, suddenly, almost like magic, a bright light appeared in the darkness. You quickened your stumble,  and ran toward the light. Then it was gone. The darkness…and the ground. You spun in the air, blinking quickly, begging for your eyes to adjust. They did not. But it not longer mattered, it ended. The darkness took over. Your eyes closed and the pain heightened then disappeared. The last thing you heard before you slipped away was a faint, almost inaudible splash.


“Rodrick? Are they alive?”

“Yes your highness, but it seems just barely. They’re just unconscious, but I don’t think we can move them. At least not with just the two of us. We could accidentally move something and create a serious problem.”

“Very well, I’ll call for the carriage and the Physician. I’ll have them bring some more men as well. I refuse to let someone die!”


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