Yesterday in my English class we talked about Diction, Imagery, Detail, Language and Syntax. For the started we were asked to answer 1 of the three questions provided on the screen. They were as followed;

  1. What does purple (or green, blue, yellow, etc.) smell like?
  2. What does Summer (or Winter, Spring, Fall) taste like?
  3. What does time look like?

For me the first two seemed to easy, since I liked to try and describe things like that a lot. Trying to describe something, that we can’t really describe. Anyways, the first two were too easy so I decided to do the third.

This is what I wrote;

“Time is hard to describe, there is no single word to describe it, nor one true phrase. So I suppose time is the years going by, or those moments that everything stands still. Time looks like the flash backs of your life, or just a single moment. Time looks like a clock we constantly look at willing to move faster, or it looks like the moments we wish everything would freeze because you don’t want it to end, yet it does anyways. Time is the movement of our lives, so time reflects each and every person, therefore time looks a lot like us.”

I want to challenge anyone who reads this post to comment answering on of the three questions, just like I did. Choose what ever you want. If you don’t want to describe time, describe love, or warmth. What do they look like,or smell like?

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