The air felt like ice, even with a coat on. The fog was thick, like wearing a wet blanket around you. When you breathed you could taste the the fog, yet strangely enough it didn’t taste like water, or dirt, but rather like strawberries. The closer you got to what you believed to be the park, the stronger the taste got. Yet the air did not get warmer, the world still seemed frozen. The fog did not lift, as you walked on, in fact it seemed to get thicker. At one point you stopped, deciding it would be best to turn back, but there was no back. At least you did not know which way was back. The fog had gotten thicker, and now the air around you was simply a faded gray space. You turned back, and walked on, fear creeping into your soul like a burglar in the night. You felt the presence of fear, but you could not see it. Or anything. You began to walk faster now, desperate for something you could see, anything other than gray nothingness. At this point you were at a full sprint, tears ran down your cheeks, the frozen air biting at your face, and your coat now soaked through by the fog. Suddenly you fell, the fog disappeared in a split second, as did the ground underneath your feet. You closed your eyes, the tears suddenly became dry, as you accepted your fate. “This was the end,” you thought. But nothing but a soft ground came. You opened your eyes hesitantly, and what you saw surprised you. In front of you was a field of perfect strawberries. You looked to the sky, you felt the sun the warmth. There was no more frozen earth, or air, but rather the spring’s essence and perfect heat. When you looked up at the cliff you had fallen from there was no sign of any fog, and there was no lingering cold, in fact any sign of the fog was gone. Even your clothes were dry. You walked on hoping to find any idea of where you were. Finally after what seemed like forever, a small town came into view.

Now its your turn to write~ I want you to answer these questions in a comment

  1. Where are you?
  2. How did you survive the fall?
  3. Why are your clothes not wet?

I’m going to take the best answers and apply them to the rest of the story. I’ll leave it open for about a week, to give people the chance to answer. Have fun thinking.

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